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Make-up designory Germany

Be a Pro for yourself // Make-Up private lessons

Be a Pro for yourself // Make-Up private lessons

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  1. Structure of the course: 


 Base Unit 

  • Identify your skin tone, skin condition, and coloration of your face  
  • Identify your skin undertone and shade. 
  • Properly base-match and apply the perfect base for your skin tone (including powder, blush, and bronzer) and teach you how to do it yourself 

 Corrective Unit 

  • Properly apply concealers to correct blemishes in as thin an application as possible 

Highlight and Shadow Unit 

  • Identify natural shadows on the face  
  • Correct the nose shape
  • Properly contour the cheekbone and jaw line. 

Eye Unit 

  • Correct eyebrows using the classic eyebrow theory 
  • Correct your eye shape with highlight and shadow. 

Learn how to place eyeshadows, from natural corrective application, to more glamorous looks,

  • Properly apply various eyeliner designs with cake liner, powder, pencil, and creams. 
  • Properly curl eyelashes and apply mascara 

Lip Unit 

  • Correct lips using concealers, lip pencils and lip colors 
  • Properly chose and apply lip color 


Beauty Make-up Unit 

  • Apply your own makeup in different designs (day, evening, and special occasions)  



  1. Breakdown of hours: 


 - Base unit:         2 hours

- Corrective unit:  2 hours

- Highlight and shadow unit:          2 hours

- Eye unit:          6 hours, of which:

— Eyebrows: 2 hours

— Eye correction and eyeshadows: 2 hours

— Eyeliner and mascara: 2 hours

- Lip Unit:           2 hours

- Beauty Make-up unit (putting everything together): 6 hours, of which: 

— Day make-up: 2 hours

— Evening make-up: 2 hours

— Special occasions // events: 2 hours


TOTAL: 20 hours



  1. Kit of MUD products and accessories: 


The kit will be completely taylor made following your skin tone, your undertone and the results you want to achieve. 

Here’s the list of the products you’ll need, you will pick up the colors together with the Instructor while doing the workshop: 


Palette with creams, including: 

- 2 cream foundations 

- 2 cream correctors 

- 2 cream highlight and shadows 

- 2 other specific creams needed, to be chosen between foundations, corrections, or highlight and shadow following your specific needs. 

- 1 empty palette


- 1 loose powder 

- 1 bronzer 


Palette with powders: 

- 6 eyeshadows 

- 2 blushes 

- 1 empty palette 


3 pencils 

- eyes

- eyebrows

- lips 


1 cake eyeliner

2 lipsticks 


1 palette + 1 palette knife 


6 Brushes








1 pro make-up pouch 


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