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Airbrush Makeup HDR Kit

Airbrush Makeup HDR Kit

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Entwickelt für den Gebrauch mit der Airbrushpistole oder auch als flüssiges Make-up, schafft diese Formel auf Silikonbasis eine leichte, schöne Abdeckung mit einem taufrischen Aussehen. Arbeitet nahtlos mit jedem MUD-Kosmetikprodukt zusammen. Wählen Sie aus 22 Farbtönen, bestehend aus MUD Cream Foundations, Cheek Colors, Highlights und Shadows.

Enthält: Alle 22 HD Airbrush Shades

Die Farben können allein oder in Kombination mit anderen Airbrush-Farben verwendet werden. Vor Gebrauch immer gut schütteln.


Developed for use with the airbrush or as a liquid make-up, this silicone-based formula creates a sheer, beautiful coverage with a dewy appearance. Works seamlessly with any MUD cosmetic product. Choose from 22 shades, many of which have been formulated to match certain MUD Cream Foundations, Cheek Colors, Highlights and Shadows.

Includes: All 22 HD Airbrush Shades

Quick study: Colors can be used alone or blended with any of the other airbrush colors Ideal for use with any MUD cosmetic product Always shake well before use.

Additional description:

Ideal for use with a double-action airbrush Hold the airbrush so that the tip of the forefinger rests on the button that activates the airflow.

Press down on the button to start air flowing through the brush.

Pull back on the button to start the flow of make-up.

The size of the spray pattern will vary, depending upon the distance from the tip of the airbrush to the face.

Air pressure should be set from seven to twelve pounds, depending upon the color being used.

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